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Ten Steps To Plan A Killer Corporate Party

Planning a corporate party can become a chore, so we have a list of the steps you can take to ensure you’ve covered every aspect of the task.


Designate An Event Planner


Many smaller businesses will designate team members to organize events such as Christmas parties or other annual events.  You need to choose someone who can work with the budget and make the process run smoothly.


Plan A Date And Time


If this is to be during a holiday time, festivities in the area may become hectic and the date and time could become an issue. You need to plan ahead of time because many events begin for Christmas the second and third weeks of the month. Are you ready to secure those dates?


Set And Maintain A Budget


You need to designate the amount of money the company can spend on the party and include the venue, size of the event, and many other factors. Keeping track of the receipts must be foremost to keep the records in line for the corporation reports. Will the employees be contributing or will it be funded entirely by the company?


Determine the Events And Themes


These are some of the ideas you could focus on for the occasion that incorporate fun activities for a great party.


  • A boat cruise with an enjoyable luncheon or cocktail event
  • A sit-down luncheon
  • A luau buffet
  • An evening cocktail party


Book The Party Location


Choosing the best venue to hold your work party can be difficult.  It is usually best to eliminate those that are over budget and not centrally located.


Choose The Menu And Secure The Catering Staff


Choosing the menu for a large corporate party can be a daunting task, as you want to choose the best options for your group. These are some options:


  • Italian Buffet
  • Mexican Fiesta Banquet
  • Japanese Sushi Spread



Choose the Alcohol


It is an enormous task to stock a bar for a corporate party. The first question is whether your budget will provide the alcohol of if you want to make the event a cash bar.


Plan the Entertainment


Choosing the entertainment for a corporate party can be quite time-consuming. Are you up to the task?


Handle Guest List And Invitations


You need to acquire the list of employees from the personnel department if you are a larger company. Even a smaller company will require a list to make the necessary reservations.  If this is to be a formal event, invitations should be supplied. This takes time, even with the assistance of the Internet.


Or, You Could Make Planning a Breeze


private murder mystery dinners


With all of these responsibilities, wouldn’t it be a superb idea if you could have one person or company handle most of the entertainment and food? Why not choose a company that specializes in private murder mystery dinners? A team of experts will know how to provide a tremendous meal for you and your entire staff.   You can use one of their venues or provide your own.  They include a corporate team builder as the evening’s entertainment, writing humorous sketches and including members of your company as suspects.  They can work with a theme you’ve chosen, or give you ideas and help you make decisions.  Making your next corporate party a “Killer” one is as easy as picking up the phone!




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