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The Five Types of Murder Mystery Events

Murder mystery dinners have become a popular venue. They provide entertainment and a meal. Two things that are hard to find grouped together these days. There are 5 types of murder mystery events that you can choose to attend. These events include: murder mystery dinners, private corporate parties, murder mystery weekends, New Year’s Eve gala, and a Valentines gala.


Murder Mystery Dinners


At a murder mystery dinner, you will watch a murder scene occur in front of you. After the murder takes place, you will be questioned by the detectives assigned to the case. There will be an evidence area that you can review over all the crime scene evidence that was seized. While interacting with the actors, you will also be served a meal.


Private Corporate Parties


Corporate parties can be mundane. Having them over a murder mystery scene can make them exciting. Not to mention, these parties can help employees focus on teamwork. They can be paired together with other employees, and compete to see who solves the murder the quickest.


Murder Mystery Weekends


murder mystery weekend getaways


Imagine being able to enjoy a murder mystery for an entire weekend! This is one event that you can engage in with family and friends. It will create a weekend that no one will forget. If you have ever wanted to feel like you were trapped inside of one of your favorite television shows, a murder mystery weekend is the way to do it.


New Years Eve Gala


It may seem odd to engage in a murder mystery dinner on New Year’s Eve, but it can provide a terrific way to bring in the New Year. After solving the mystery, you can dance your way into the New Year with a live DJ. You can make your New Year a night of murder, mystery, dancing, and drinking. What better way to bring in a new year, full of new possibilities.


Valentines Gala


Chances are when you think of Valentine’s day, murder does not come to mind. The twist that is put on the event for this holiday makes it appropriate. Instead of solving a murder mystery, you will be solving a live action romantic comedy mystery. This little twist makes the mood lighter for this lover’s night.  While the mystery is being solved, a live DJ will take requests for songs. There is even an optional guest room that is offered to guests who want to make their Valentines Gala night extra special.


There Are Murder Mysteries For Everyone


There are assorted reasons why you may choose to attend a murder mystery event. There are different events hosted for varying circumstances. You will have the option of choosing to have a murder mystery dinner, private corporate party, a murder mystery weekend, or on the holidays enjoy a New Year’s Eve gala, or Valentines gala.

You can choose to attend a murder mystery dinner to celebrate something, or just because you want something fun to do. The premise is the same. You will be recruited to figure out who committed the crime, and be given clues to help you solve the dilemma.


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