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The Murder Mystery Dinner Experience

Interactive forms of entertainment are enjoying a surge in popularity. This past Halloween, record numbers of people attended hayrides and haunted houses that are increasingly interactive and increasingly versatile in their appeals to people of all ages. Many of these haunted houses and hayrides on the more extreme side even make you sign a waiver before you go in. On the calmer side, there are also an increasing number of kid-friendly entertainment options that are interactive in nature. One reason for the increase in interactive entertainment is the desire for people to have a memorable experience. Experiences are a form of personal and social currency that give these interactive forms of entertainment a real marketplace advantage over traditional experiences like movie-going or bowling. Murder mystery dinners are one area of interactive entertainment that has been seeing considerable innovation in its form over the past several years. Not only are there an increasing number of murder mystery dinners being held in a larger number of cities across the country, the form itself is taking on newer shapes. Here is a look at some of the ways murder mystery dinners are becoming an increasingly common and versatile entertainment option.


Murder Holiday Events Mystery


Many murder mystery dinner theater companies are responding to the increasing demand by holding special events on and around holidays and holiday weekends. Obviously, the general theme and scenario of all murder mystery dinners matches perfectly with Halloween. Innovators and pioneers in the field, however, are expanding their repertoire and offering murder mystery dinners specially geared toward other holidays like Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve. These holidays in particular are of course aimed at attracting couples who will be celebrating the holiday to the dinner, but are also marketed as fun options for groups of people during these holidays. The people who conceive of murder mystery dinner plots and produce/act in the shows themselves are of course finding ways to incorporate these other holidays as well into the storyline which can make for an unforgettable evening of food and fun.


Murder Mystery DVDs


Murder mystery dinner


Some murder mystery entertainment companies are offering a murder mystery dvd. This allows people to follow along with an interactive version of a murder mystery on their televisions at home. This is a perfect option for folks who regularly host or are planning to host dinner parties. Not only are you able to have friends over to eat to satisfy the dinner requirement, you can supply the theater/murder mystery requirement from your own home as well with these dvds. They even allow you the opportunity to pause the action when people need a break, a luxury that you wouldn’t be afforded at a restaurant.


Murder Mystery Weekends


Some people are enjoying the murder mystery dinner surge so much that one night simply isn’t enough—whether it’s a holiday or at home! For these people, some companies are offering a murder mystery weekend. These people don’t just enjoy dinner and a show, they enjoy a whole weekend of meals—breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, drinks and appetizers in many cases—and an extended show that is able to provide a more intricate, mysterious plot. It has never been a better time to be an aspiring Sherlock Holmes.

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