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The Next Available Dallas Dinner And Show

After many incredible years of outstanding service and entertainment, we here at Texas Murder Mystery have proven that we have what it takes to stay ahead of the competition. Our second to none work ethic and creative standard has allowed us to flourish as a company in the entertainment and dining industry. We offer one of kind events, shows, and dinners all throughout the year including weekends and special events like holidays and much more. Our unique dinners and shows are a great place to bring a friend, a date, or the whole family for a night of amazing fun, food, and professional entertainment in Texas. Don’t miss the next upcoming dinner and show in Dallas which will be held on Saturday August 1st at 7:30 pm at the Old Mill In. We strive to offer our guests the best food, entertainment, and experience from the time they walk in to the time they leave. We offer a huge menu of exceptional drinks, appetizers, dinners, and desserts to fit the desire of all of our guests. For any special requests or questions just call ahead and we will be happy to discuss your situation and accommodations in depth for your convenience.

Shows And Dinners For Guests Of All Kinds

Careful planning and years of dedication to your professional entertainment has allowed us to grow and expand the events we offer as well as the locations that we offer them. We have grown bigger and better than ever with being able to now offer 5 amazing and unique events in 6 different locations throughout Texas all throughout the year. The shows and events that we offer include Murder Mystery Dinners, Private Corporate Parties, Murder Mystery Weekends, New Years Eve gala, and Valentines gala. You can find these shows taking place in the Dallas, Plano, Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, and Austin Texas. Whether you are a first time guest or a returning customer, we promise to make all of your visits with us unforgettable and truly special in every way possible. Be sure to learn a little about each of our events so you can pick which one is right for you. Call today and lock in your reservation for an evening of one of a kind fun and excitement for you and your entire party.

Customer Service And Satisfaction Are Guaranteed

After this many years of success and hard work we know how to make every night special and unique for all of our guests. You can always count on us to provide you with friendly accommodations and interaction between you and the Murder Mystery staff throughout the evening. The food is always prepared fresh and exactly how to you like it to meet your complete approval and satisfaction. You can also expect some fun and friendly interaction between you and the performers in any show that you attend. It is our goal to provide you with laughs and good times throughout the entire evening to portray what we are all about here at Texas Murder Mystery. We are a well respected entertainment business/restaurant and expect to keep improving day after day year after year. Don’t miss out, come to our next dinner in Dallas on Saturday August 1st at 7:30 pm at the Old Mill In. For any questions just give us a call and see first hand what makes us the best.

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