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The Next Upcoming Dinner And Show In Dallas

If you are in search of high quality entertainment and friendly fun then we have exactly what you want. Here at Texas Murder Mystery we strive every single day to provide amazing dinners and shows to fit the taste of all of our guests. We take pride on hard work and creativity to ensure that you are getting a one of a kind experience time after time. We have an exceptional team of top notch, chefs, performers, and staff with large amounts of experience here to offer true professionalism. Be sure to check out ore next available dinner in Dallas Texas on Saturday July 25th at 7:30 pm at the old Mill In. We have a vast menu with an incredible amount of exceptional drinks, appetizers, dinners, and desserts to fit the taste buds of all of our hungry guests. You can feel comfortable ordering your dinner exactly the way you would like it prepared. We believe in catering to all of our guests to help ensure your satisfaction and happiness through the entirety of the evening. Texas Murder Mystery is an excellent place to bring a friend, a date, or the whole family for a night of excellent food, memories, and top notch entertainment.

5 Unique Shows In 6 Different Locations

Extreme dedication to customer satisfaction and creativity has propelled our business into years of success in the entertainment business throughout Texas. We pride ourselves on reaching the

needs and desires of all our customers from food, to seating, to reservations, to providing a top notch interactive show. You can now attend any one of our 5 amazing events in any one of our 6

separate locations throughout Texas. Our excellent shows and events that we offer range from Murder Mystery Dinners, Private Corporate Parties, murder Mystery Weekends, New years eve gala,

and Valentines gala. These amazing shows and events are held in Dallas, Plano, Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, and Austin Texas. Be sure to check out all of the unique shows and dinners and

pick which one suits you best to call and make a reservation for an evening of incredible fun, entertainment, and food. If you have any accommodations that need met or have any special requests

you can call ahead and let us know so we can be prepared to meet the needs or your unique situation.

Top Notch Service And Professional Entertainment

We care about all of our guests and appreciate choosing us for your night of entertainment and dining. We want to make you proud and satisfied in every way possible from the time you arrive to the the time you leave. No where else can you experience such good fun and entertainment in Texas. You can expect some friendly fun filled interaction between you and our staff of murder Mystery crew. Don’t miss our next upcoming Dallas dinner on Saturday July 25th at 7:30 pm at the Old Mill In. Bring the whole family for great entertainment and experience that can last a lifetime. Call today and make your reservations for the best food, fun, and professional entertainment that is available today.

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