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The Perfect Murder Mystery Dinner In Dallas, Texas

Murder Mystery Dinners are truly a lot of fun. They have become very popular recently and the actors and actresses of these dinners really do know how to show their guests a good time. These dinners take place all over the country, but one of the best ones in the business is actually based out of Texas. Keith and Margo’s Murder Mystery USA has been around for decades and because of their popularity, they have been branching out into more places, Texas included. Dallas has been a main one.


Over thirty-four Years In Dallas

Keith and Margo’s Murder Mystery Texas is happy to announce that they have now spent more than 34 years in the Dallas, Texas area doing their dinner theaters. For those who are interested in Dallas Murder Mystery Dinners, they are now being done on selected Saturdays. These events will take place at the Devil’s Back Porch at Saint Rocco’s New York Italian. It is a 1930’s Bonnie and Clyde-themed Speakeasy in Dallas and one of the best places to attend one of their Murder Mystery Dinners. At $79.99 per person, this is a great deal for dinner and a show. The dinner is a full, three course meal, including pre-dinner appetizers for mingling and getting to know the people around you.

Use the Metaphorical Ice Pick

When attending one of the Murder Mystery Texas events, there will be a lot of new faces for you to see and get to know. Upon arriving, you will get a chance to have appetizers while mingling and socializing, and get to know some of the guests a little better with ice breakers that the host of the dinner will give you when you arrive.


Excitement And Suspense Builds

Checking into the dinner is the beginning of your murder mystery journey. You will be thrilled when you arrive to find a room full of people who love intrigue as much as you do. After the icebreakers are finished, your meal will be well on its way. This is when the real action begins. When the first course begins to hit the table, bodies begin to hit the ground. Don’t panic, it is all an act. You will see the detective for the first time when you are eating your salad. He will instruct the crowd on how to gather clues and what exactly you should be looking for while your team, which is your table, is trying to solve the murder.


Take A Final Stab By Hazarding A Guess

Dallas murder mystery dinners








During dinner, more and more bodies start to show up and that is when the challenge begins for your team. As you gather more clues, you will get more of an idea of who the killer is. Once all of the teams have turned in their answers, the detective will give the results, and winners will be revealed. They will be awarded the winning prize. A prize is usually awarded to the table with the most comical guess, too.

Most guests have such a great time at this dinner that they want to come back often, and bring their friends and family. These dinners are hosted all across Texas, being held in 5 different cities. Locating one near you and planning a night of intrigue, food and fun is easy.

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