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The Spookier Side of Fort Worth

There’s hardly time to settle into the new fall season before you realize Halloween is right around the corner. In the past, Halloween has been primarily focused on kids’ costumes and taking them out trick-or-treating. Of course, this is still the case for many people. More than ever before, however, Halloween is a holiday with events for the entire family. Here is a look at some classic Halloween activity ideas, and some that you might not think of off the top of your head, that can be enjoyed by the whole family this year in the Ft Worth area.


Ft Worth murder mystery dinner


Haunted Houses


Ft Worth is home to some of the scariest, largest and most well-known haunted houses in Texas. While haunted houses have been a popular Halloween activity for many years, there has never been a greater variety of haunted houses to choose from. Families interested in a haunted house excursion should be sure to read a detailed description of the haunted house online or in some type of informational brochure. There are many haunted houses designed to be suitable for children, but there are also many that are not appropriate for kids, especially young children. Some haunted houses today even require you to sign a waiver before going through! Interactive entertainment such as a haunted house has never been more popular, just make sure you and your entire family know what to expect with this interactive entertainment option.


Murder Mystery Dinners


Some kids may want to consume only candy on Halloween—and the whole week after—but it’s best to eat some real food as well. That’s where murder mystery dinners come in. A murder mystery dinner, like a haunted house, is a great form of interactive entertainment. Not only does the family enjoy a delicious meal, they are also treated to the fun of a live-action mystery and the opportunity to try and solve it themselves. Murder mystery dinners are also a great option for groups of friends, coworkers or for a date night. One feature that is often a part of murder mystery dinners is that certain characters, possibly murder suspects or victims, from the performance itself will disguise themselves as regular diners and audience members. This is a wrinkle of interaction that only murder mystery dinners are able to provide. If you’ve never thought about attending a murder mystery dinner, or are new to the area, check out the local options and see if a Ft Worth murder mystery dinner might be fun this Halloween.


Costume Parties


From kids to adults, costume parties are fun for all ages. In the Dallas/Ft Worth area, there are many costume party events each year, often featuring a costume contest with the opportunity to win prizes for particularly scary, funny or creative costumes. It is always fun to coordinate costumes with a friend, or with the entire family, and attend one of these events. Many online calendars of Ft Worth Halloween events are full of costume parties, and many of these events are associated with and try to raise money for great local charities.

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