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The Spookier Side Of Houston

Enjoy some of the spookiest things to do throughout Houston, whether youre a resident or just visiting for a short period. If you like a bit of mystery, history and intriguing sights and sounds, then these are some top things for you to do during your stay. Enjoy more from the city when you take advantage of these great things to do that appeal to those that love a little spook and fright in their lives.


Houston is said to be one of the most haunted cities throughout all of America. With many places still reporting ghost sightings, it is a place full of wonder and spooky excitement.


The Spaghetti Warehouse


The Spaghetti Warehouse was not always the restaurant that you know it to be now. Named as one of the most haunted buildings in the nation, there have been multiple ghost sightings within the restaurant itself. Once housing pharmaceuticals, the pharmacist that worked within the warehouse fell down the elevator shaft and many sad souls, including his wife, have haunted the building ever since.


The Rice Hotel


The last place that JFK stayed before he was assassinated, this is where ghosts have been spotted in his room. Not only that, but cold spots, rattling doors and moving furniture are all possible. Many people flock from around the country to stay in the very room that he stayed in. This is one of the most haunted hotels throughout the country and one that has held other influential presidents in its suites throughout the years, but none as close to death as JFK.


Glenwood Cemetery

Houston murder  mystery dinners

Of course, a cemetery always makes the spooky list, but this one dates back to the 1800s, where over 60 peoples final resting places are located. Beautiful monuments pay tribute throughout the area, any many headstones have lasted for hundreds of years. Many influential people of the area are resting in this very cemetery, and have been sighted walking along the grounds during the late hours of night.


Houston Murder Mystery Dinner


The Houston Murder Mystery Dinner is provided through Murder Mystery Texas and takes you through a whole story showcasing a murder that you have the chance to solve. This is not only one of the spookiest attractions within Houston, but it is also one of the most exciting. If you’re looking for an adventure, this is where you want to go, while also grabbing a delicious bite to eat.


Jefferson Davis Hospital


Erected originally in 1924 over the top of a Confederate cemetery, this location was also a burial plot for plague victims in the years proceeding the Civil War. Understandably, it was doomed from the start. Human remains have continually been unearthed since the building has been in existence. The building has had numerous functions throughout the years such as a hospital, mental ward, detention center and food stamp distribution center for the government. It is said to be haunted by not only plague victims and soldiers, but also doctors, nurses and angry patients.


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