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The Top Restaurants In Houston To Visit

Visiting a new city is a lot of fun. One of the best parts is finding new and exciting places to eat at. Houston, Texas is a city that is filled with good fun and good food. When you discover some of your new favorite restaurants here, you will be telling all of your friends just how much you love Houston and all about the great food you enjoyed there.


Theater, Dining, And Murder


Many Texans will tell you that their number one choice for dining is Houston murder mystery dinner theater. Murder Mystery Texas puts on the best. A three course meal is included in the package along with a whole lot of entertainment. The meal begins when you check in with the host and they will hand you an envelope with information about where you will sit and what your objectives will be for dinner. This is an interactive dinner, and you can participate as much or as little as you like. Once you have found your seat and met the people who will be on your team, your salad will be served.


During dinner, murder will be afoot. Some of the people in the dining room could be victims and you could be one as well. There is plenty of time during the dinner for the diners to gather all of the clues and make a guess as to who committed the murders that have occurred. The team that has the best guess will win a prize and creative answers will also receive prizes. These murder mystery dinners are fun for adults and not only get you to think about how to solve a mystery, but also enjoy some excellent food along the way. The food is some of the best in Houston.


Amazing Food And Atmosphere


If you are looking for a great spot to have dinner in Houston, Oxheart is a happening spot. It is trendy and has a great atmosphere. There are quite a few options for dinner and wine. The menu is very extensive and features items such as sweet potatoes cooked in honey, mung bean pancakes, and Indian cucumbers. The menu will please even those with a very educated palette.


Another hot spot in Houston is Truluck's. This is mainly an upscale, seafood restaurant, but there are a few other things on the menu such as steaks and salads. They also have a very extensive wine list that will pair up with any of the delicious dinners on their menu. This is one of the best places to eat at in Houston. They are known for their great food, environment, and quality of service.


All of these options are great for anyone who is looking for a new place to dine in Houston, Texas. These places offer outstanding food and quality of service. With so many options for dining, there is bound to be one that you will truly enjoy. These are just some of the best of the best in Houston. 

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