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Three Entertainment Ideas For Your Next Corporate Party

Entertainment at corporate parties can make the event less formal. It can give your employees a place where they can relax and truly be themselves. The average adult spends more time with their fellow co-workers than they do at home sometimes. It is great to be able to get together and enjoy yourself while doing it.

Planning a corporate event can be tedious. It is important that you find entertainment that is appropriate and will put everyone in a good mood. A few entertainment ideas you may want to consider for your next party are employing a live band, engaging in a murder mystery, or going to see a comic.


Hiring A Live Band


Live bands have been used at corporate events for decades. They are versatile. They can play their music quietly in the background while everyone enjoys their meals, and quickly turn up the volume when it is time to party. There are many different types of live bands to choose from, so companies can elect a band to play that fits their brand, along with the mood and ambiance they want for the evening.


Engaging In A Murder Mystery


Dallas corporate party


Murder mystery events can provide an appropriate team building exercise for Dallas corporate parties. Everyone will have the same murder mystery played out in front of them. Usually, there is a meal involved while playing the game and each banquet table will become a group.

The event is led by a leader that will keep the mystery stirring. The leader will provide clues regarding the mystery and ask questions to everyone involved in solving it. Each group will share their conclusions of who they believe committed the murder, and at the end the murder is revealed, along with prizes.  These murder mysteries can be customize to your company and event, you could even have the boss play the murderer and have other employees have key roles.  Talking with the murder mystery company will help them better understand your situation & then they will be able to offer the best plan.


Seeing A Stand-Up Comic


If your office is suffering from a morale problem, the best way to provide a little boost is with laughter. A stand-up comic can do the trick. You have the option of hiring a comic that is family-friendly or one that has a little bit of edge and is not afraid to speak their mind. An experienced comic that has worked corporate parties will be able to work their audience and help them forget about their normal 9-5 day.

You can instruct the comic about what types of jokes would be deemed appropriate by your organization. Some comics will crack jokes at the CEO or the owner of the company, if this would be deemed acceptable. If not, the comic can still include jokes regarding your industry to make everyone laugh about the comical points of it.

Corporate parties do not have to be mundane and boring when deciding on what entertainment to employ. There are a lot of creative things that you can do with your co-workers to relax and enjoy the company of one another. After all, your co-workers are your family away from your own. They spend most of the day with you; you might as well make something as boring as a corporate event an exciting time for all to remember.

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