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Three Places To Go In Fort Worth

A Special Date Night Out


Finding the right date destination is hard, both because there are so many places, and because there are so few good places to go.  Fort Worth has some truly unique destinations that can make your date special and memorable, whether it be the first time that you are out, or if you have been together for years.  Here are some of the highlights of the Fort Worth dating scene.


Scat Jazz Lounge


Live music is always a hit with a date, and the sultry tones of a jazz lounge are something that your date may not expect.  Instead of dealing with club music or bands that are far too loud, you can hear some of the very best musicians in D-FW ply their craft at very intimate location.  The crowd tends to be older and more mature, and the old school vibe of the facility makes this a place where you will want to come back again and again.


Murder Mystery Texas

Main Presidential


Sometimes you just want a single stop for your date night, and Murder Mystery Texas is one of the best in the area.  The experience includes a very nice meal, as well as a live and interactive dinner theater performance.  During the event you are given the task of solving a murder mystery, which you can do with your date or on your own.  You will have to speak to the staff and other attendees to get to the truth about who committed the crime, but that only serves to make each time you go different from the last.  The murder mystery dinner is at our partner restaurant the Hilton Fort Worth, which houses the JFK 6th Floor Museum.  Make it an extra special night and book a room!


Coyote Drive-In


Harkening back to an earlier time, the Coyote Drive-In rekindles the fun that can be had by sitting in your car with a date and watching a film.  You do not have to worry about being bothered by the other people in a theater, and if you want to spend some time talking to your date about the film, you can do so.  The theater also has a good selection of food and very reasonable prices, making it the best way to see a movie in Fort Worth.


The best date ideas in Fort Worth think a little outside of the box and seek to create an experience that you and your date will both remember.  Do not go the easy route and stick with the traditional places; think big and take your date to someplace new tonight.

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