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Three Reasons To Have A Private Murder Mystery Party

When most people consider hosting a party, they want their event to be closed to only their dear friends and family members. It would be odd to be in a room with people you do not know, while you are attempting to celebrate something that is meaningful to you. Private murder mystery parties are perfect for birthdays, business parties, or a simple celebration.




If you want your birthday to be an event you will never forget, consider hosting the affair over a murder mystery dinner. You only live once, so why not experience something out of the box. At one of these dinners, you will witness a murder mystery take place in front of your eyes. Actors play out the roles in front of you, while you are served a delicious dinner plate.


Business Parties


Private murder mystery parties


Business parties can be mundane. Most employees dread going to them, because it makes them feel like they are still at their place of employment. Usually, people are not able to be themselves at these events, because they do not want to be judged by their fellow coworkers. Choosing to host the party over a murder mystery dinner can help lighten the mood.

It can help develop team building skills, while everyone works together to solve the mystery. Employees could be placed in teams, and given specific tasks to fulfill. This will provide a distraction from having to attempt to be on your best behavior in front of your boss.


Simple Celebration


There are many events in life that call for a celebration of some sort. Graduations, a promotion at work, anniversary, or a going away party all call for recognition. Instead of having a basic get together, make the event exciting for everyone by having a murder mystery dinner. It will provide a place where you can make memories that will last a lifetime.

Not to mention it is fun to compete against friends and family. The dinners are set up in a creative way that everyone is involved in the game. It compares to a game of Clue. The difference is everything unfolds before your eyes. Yet finding out who murdered the person in the mystery can be fun and tedious. The escapade will take roughly a few hours to determine.


Reasons To Host A Private Party


People choose to host private parties to celebrate an event with the people they care about. Choosing to host a private party, while engaging in a murder mystery game, is a different kind of experience. It will give your guests something to talk about long after the party has ended.

The game begins with a murder occurring in front of you. It is accompanied by a delicious dinner. You will be part of the investigation to determine who committed the crime. Actors play out various roles throughout the dinner, keeping you engaged in all the action.  Guests will be given access to all the crime scene evidence. They will be able to see the evidence and determine its significance to solving the mystery.

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