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Three Thrilling Ways To Celebrate An Anniversary

Is your anniversary coming up? Regardless if you are celebrating one year with your significant other or twelve, anniversaries are something meant to be celebrated. Relationships are arduous work. If you have managed to overcome the difficult situations that life can throw your way, and still come out together, you deserve to celebrate this accomplishment.

You can choose to have a traditional anniversary celebration by going out to eat, or you can spice it up a little bit. By the time your anniversary rolls around, you should know what the other person enjoys. Try to do something together that would mark this pivotal point in your relationship. A few out of the box things that you can do for your anniversary are go on an unplanned trip, attend a Ft Worth murder mystery dinner, or get a hotel room.


Go On An Unplanned Trip


Who doesn’t like a little adventure in their lives? An unplanned trip is a wonderful way to break away from normal anniversary celebrations. The trip does not have to take you far. If you are tight on funds, you can go to another city or state, and simply sight see. You do not have to spend a lot to have an enjoyable time together. Besides, the main thing that matters is spending time with the other person.


Attend A Murder Mystery Dinner


If you are the type of couple that loves solving things together, test your teamwork at a murder mystery dinner. These dinners are intense, and will make you feel like you are a part of a CSI-type episode or a real-life crime investigation. Best part is the entire ordeal is acted out in front of you, while you enjoy your meal.

Actors are cast to play multiple roles. One actor will be murdered at the beginning of the dinner. Once this occurs, detectives will drop by to ask you a series of questions. Everyone in the room is a suspect, until the murder is solved. You will be able to investigate the crime scene with the detectives, and even go through the evidence room in search of clues. At the end of the dinner, the murder is revealed.


murder mystery first date


Get A Hotel Room


Sometimes a change of scenery is all you need to celebrate your anniversary. Getting a fancy hotel room for the night, where the two of you can get away from life and just concentrate on one another, is another great anniversary idea. The monotony of life can get in the way of you two being able to spend the time together that you wish.

Choosing to get a hotel room away from your home is a fantastic way to be able to focus your attention on one another. Hotels feature wide arrays of amenities that the two of you can take advantage of. Take a dip in the pool, do a Yoga class together, or enjoy a relaxing day at the spa, can all be done at a hotel. Granted, you want to make sure the hotel that you book offers activities that you can your significant other can do together.


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