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Three Uncomfortable Situations A Murder Mystery Dinner Can Fix

Life is full of uncomfortable and awkward situations. It is impossible to avoid them all, but you can handle the situation with grace and ingenuity. The way that you handle yourself under uncomfortable circumstances says a lot about your character.

To make it easier for you to overcome an awkward situation consider choosing an interesting venue. Houston murder mystery dinners provide the perfect venue to escape an uneasy situation. Three tense situations that can be lightened by going to a murder mystery dinner are going on a first date, dinner with the in-laws, or dinner with your boss.


Going On A First Date


First dates are stressful. These dates will let you know if you are sincerely interested in the person you are taking out, or if you just want to be friends. Usually there is a lot of tension in the air, and making small talk may seem incredibly awkward. A murder mystery dinner can lighten the mood.

At one of these dinners, you will be paired up with your date to solve a murder. The murder will take place in front of you, and be performed by skilled actors. The entire case will fold in front of your eyes, all while enjoying a delicious dish.


murder mystery first date


Dinner With The In-laws


While some people are fortunate to be blessed with in-laws that treat them like one of their own, others may not feel the same way. Perhaps your relationship with your in-laws is not what you had hoped it would be and interactions with them are often times strained.  Whatever the reason that you may dread going to dinner with them, lighten the mood by taking them somewhere different.

Murder mystery dinners will allow you to work with your in-laws to solve a murder. You will be able to work together looking over clues and questioning everyone in the room about the mystery at hand. You will be so tied up in the affair that the awkwardness of having dinner with them will quickly fade.


Having Dinner With Your Boss


Being invited to a dinner with your boss can be intimidating. Most people are worried that they will say or do the wrong thing and their boss will not approve. Keeping your job is important. So, it’s understandable why a dinner with your boss could be terrifying. A murder mystery dinner can turn the ordeal from terrifying to interesting quickly.

As an employee, you know how to work with your boss to come up with a solution to a problem. You complete this task every single day that you show up to work. Working together to solve a murder mystery is a fun way to bond with your boss, outside of work. A live murder scene will take place in front of your eyes and you will be given a few short hours to solve the ordeal.

Murder mystery dinners can lighten the mood in any uncomfortable situation. Even though it can be difficult to break away from minor awkward occurrences, you can easily deal with planned events by taking your guests to a dinner full of murder and mystery. Your guest will be so enticed by the action unfolding in front of them that the awkward moment will quickly become fun and interesting.

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