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Three Unique Weekend Getaway Options

When you are finally awarded the chance to take off from work for a weekend getaway, you are going to want to savor every moment of it. Before rushing off, there are so many things to consider. Mainly you will want to think of the destination and its affordability.

You always have the option of taking a beach trip, or booking a flight to a touristy town. But instead of doing what everyone else does, why not consider exploring some other getaway options instead. It will provide a wonderful opportunity to do something different, and make some new memories with family and friends. A few unique getaway options are to rent a house for the weekend, have a casino night, or be whisked away in a murder mystery getaway.


Rent A House For The Weekend


Renting a house for the weekend will provide all the comforts of home, but the excitement of a new experience. Choosing to rent a house for the weekend will give you an immense amount of freedom, in a different atmosphere. You can choose to cook, take naps, watch movies, or take a dip in the pool if the home has one.

Renting a home away from your home will give you the opportunity to get away. Clear your mind and relax, forget about the monotony in your life. Although this may not seem like a unique getaway option, sometimes the simple things in life are all we need to be happy.


Have A Casino Night


If you are feeling lucky, try your luck at a casino near you. Most states have casinos. Depending on the distance you live away from the casino, you may have to do some traveling to get to your destination. The amenities and games played at the casino vary. Try to find a casino that offers the best amenities, from fancy restaurants to upscale shops and live entertainment.


Enjoy A Murder Mystery Getaway


murder mystery weekend getaways


Murder mysteries are exciting. They place you right in the middle of a real murder mystery, while serving you food. If you enjoy the game Clue or have a hidden addiction to watching television shows such as CSI, then going to a murder mystery weekend would be right up your alley.

Actors will interact with the guests, and deem everyone a suspect until the murder is solved. You will be able to go through the entire investigation process with the actors and guests, not knowing who the hidden actors are, as everyone searches for who did it and why. At the end of the weekend, by Sunday brunch, all is revealed.

Life can be stressful, and finding the time to get away from the hassle of everyday life can be difficult. It is important when time permits that you do something fun. People often forget how to have fun in this day and age. The stress of juggling a career and family is enough to tire the strongest people. Add into the fact that most adults are constantly pulled one way or the other by their families or their careers. Taking some time away for yourself is a healthy way to destress.

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