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Throwing Your Own Murder Mystery Party

Having your own Murder Mystery party can be quite a lot of fun. There are many different ways to go about having one. Many people will fashion their party after the game of Clue, while others will make their own board game or buy a DVD. When wanting to throw your own Murder Mystery party, make sure that your event is a good one by ensuring that you know exactly what tips will make your party a successful one.


Get The DVD

One of the most important things to have at the party is the Murder Mystery DVD, by Murder Mystery Texas, which can be purchased online. This DVD can be purchased on Keith and Margo’s Murder Mystery Texas site and is very handy to have when hosting your own murder mystery party. It sets the scene and lays out the plot with easy to follow steps.


Know Who To Invite

Then you will need to know who to invite. It is key to look at the DVD and see just how many characters there are. Be sure to invite enough people to cover all the characters. Inviting a mix of people and personality types is always fun. Discovering who is a natural-born actor and who is not makes for a lot of laughs though out the party.


Playing Your Card

The game will have specific cards for each person. They will not know who they are until after everyone receives a card. The DVD starts and the murders and mysteries begin. No one will know who the killer really is until the end of the video, not even the killer! The cards have the character’s name and traits, so that everyone knows whom they are playing. Following the DVD, guests ask each other questions about themselves. They can put together clues to try and solve the murder and the killer will be shown to the group at the end of the DVD. This is the part of the party where it gets fun! Everyone will be trying to gather clues and information to solve the mystery.


Party Themes

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Part of throwing a good party is making sure that all of your guests really enjoy themselves. This includes delicious appetizers, dinner, and cocktails. Thinking of a fun theme to accompany your murder mystery makes it even better. “Trouble in Paradise” could mean a luau party, “Run for the Border!” could carry a Mexican-themed dinner, and “That’s A-Morte!” signals an Italian murder mystery. If you follow these helpful hints, your party will end up being quite a success, and a great evening for everyone who attends.

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