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Tips For Finding The Right Date Destination

Know Your Date Before You Go Out

A good date begins with the right planning, and that means that you need to know a little bit of something about your date before you choose a destination.  If it is someone that you just met casually in a bar or at school, you probably do not know that much about them, and a generic date will be ok, but if it someone that you have had several conversations with in the past, you should try to create a date night that you know they will enjoy.  Here are some of the types of girls that you will be taking out and good destinations that should go over well.


The Bookworm


If your date is someone who loves to read or who has her nose in a book all the time, you will find a lot of success if you plan a date that does not require her to spend a lot of time talking to strangers.  The Bookworm tends to like things nice and quiet, and will prefer a romantic dinner to a crowded bar or restaurant, and she will probably be someone who finds real value in a simple stroll through a park getting to know you.  A perfect date night might even include a trip to the big Half Price Book Store on Northwest Highway on any of the nights that they have poetry readings.


The Networker



If your date is someone who never seems to meet a stranger and is comfortable talking to all kinds of people, you want to feed that part of her personality on your date.  She is not going to be happy sitting just the two you in a dark booth at a restaurant and she will be much happier if she is able to mingle with some others while she spends time with you.  Over time you will spend more alone time with her, but that is not going to happen on a first date.  Some of the best date night ideas in Dallas for this situation are things like a Murder Mystery Texas dinner, where mingling and talking to strangers is all part of the fun.


The Kid At Heart


If your date is someone who is a kid at heart and loves to just relax and have a good time, your date night is going to need to have some action.   She would probably enjoy a hotdog on the run more than an restaurant, so your date needs to include plenty of movement and activity.  You have tons of options in Dallas for this kind of date, from bowling to go-cart racing.  The type of activity you choose will depend primarily on what she likes to do, so pay attention to what she says before you start making plans.


When you match the right activity to the right girl, you will have a date night that goes really well and can lead to a second date and beyond.  Remember to listen and pay attention to the clues that she gives you, and your date will be a lot more enjoyable.


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