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Tips On How To Liven Up Your Party

Do you ever feel that your party needs a little something extra? Maybe you have all the right people over, but your party just needs that little extra kick to really get going. This article will lay out some tips that can take your party from “blah” to unforgettable. Follow these three tips for the party of a lifetime.


Tip 1: Liven Things Up With Games


murder mystery game


Having trouble getting your partygoers to talk and interact? Try to mix things up with games. In addition to being loads of fun, games can be a great icebreaker for your party. Whether it is a board game, a drinking game, or a more interactive game, you have plenty of wonderful options to choose from. And you do not have to stick to the sorts of games you would buy at the store either (although those can be a great time). Feel free to get creative, and make up some exciting games of your own. Perhaps you could have a murder mystery game, where people pretend to drop dead throughout the party, and the surviving guests have to figure out who the killer was. Another popular choice is to write the names of celebrities or historical figures on a note card and have guests tape them to their foreheads. Make sure the guests do not see their own names—it is up to them to figure out their identity for the night, based on clues given by the other guests! There are plenty of easy, creative options that can lead to great fun.


Tip 2: Take Your Party Outdoors


If you are throwing your party in a house with a large backyard or tract of land, make use of it! Often times, parties can feel stuffy due to cramped interiors. Taking the party outdoors not only frees up some extra space, it also provides a welcome change of scenery. It also provides the opportunity to participate in some fun outdoor activities! If bonfires are legal in your neighborhood, try roasting marshmallows and making smores. You can also try lighting sparklers, to take your guests back to their childhood summers. Perhaps some outdoor games could liven up the party—games such as limbo and lawn bowling are often big hits. If you are throwing your party in the summer, be sure to light some tiki torches to keep those bugs at bay!


Tip 3: Potlucks For The Win


If you are planning on preparing appetizers for your guests, or throwing a dinner party, you could have a daunting task ahead of you.  Why not let some of your guests contribute to the deliciousness? If each person brings a unique dish, not only will your party be easier to plan, but it will have a much wider variety of food, and – more importantly – it will reflect your guests’ unique personalities. Recipes can be an extension of individual personalities and family histories, and sharing them can be a great way for guests to get to know each other.





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