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Tips On What To Expect With Murder Mystery Theater

For Texans, Keith and Margo’s Murder Mystery Texas has been a staple of their entertainment. Now people all over the country can enjoy a night or a weekend of murder and mystery. Keith and Margo’s Murder Mystery USA is now doing shows all over the country and if you get a chance, you should try to check out one of their shows. There is a lot to look out for when you go to your first event and Keith and Margo have some tips on just what to expect.


No Need To Be Shy


At typical murder mystery dinners, there is a lot that will happen right before your eyes. These dinners are located all around Texas and weekend events are happening all across the country. When you attend one of these events, you can expect a night of fun and drama. You will be instantly transported into the world of murder and you may be the next victim. When you arrive at the dinner, you will need to check in with the host of the dinner, and you will be given a name badge, where you can use your own name or an alias.


As you enter the dining room, you will notice that you are seated with a specific group. This will be your group for the entire evening. This will be your team for the mystery dinner. As the salads start to arrive, you will notice that this is when the first murder takes place. The detectives will show up and talk to everyone in the room. They will give you a little back story on the case and they will ask you to help them find some important clues to help solve the murder. They will make sure that your group knows how to gather the clues and how to solve the mystery.


Dinner, Desert, And Murder


When the main entrees arrive, the suspense will really begin to build. The tension in the room will be thick and your group will need to work very hard to find the right clues to solve the case. There will be more bodies that end up on the floor while you are eating. Just remember that this is all a show. Once your group has gathered what you feel like is enough clues to solve the case, you will present your answer to the detective. After every team gives their answers, there will be a great prize given to the team that solved the crimes. At these mystery dinners, the most creative answers will also win a prize.


At these dinners, there is no way to not have a good time. They are a great way to open up and meet people who love a challenge. These dinners are a way to immerse yourself in a story and try out your sleuthing skills while enjoying a great meal and having some laughs. These dinners are just the ticket for a celebration, girls night out, or even a first date. A ticket for murder and mayhem is waiting with your name on it.



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