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Upcoming Dinner And Show In Dallas

Here at Murder Mystery in Dallas Texas we have something for everyone. We have a highly skilled and enthusiastic staff to ensure that every time you visit us you get a one of a kind experience. We host many shows, dinners, and special events all throughout the year on weekends and major recognized holidays or days of celebration. Or next upcoming Murder Mystery show and dinner in Dallas will be held on Saturday June 13th at 7:30 pm at the Old Mill In. We promise that you and your party will be accommodated with the best services, food, and entertainment, throughout the entire evening. Expect to interact with the performers and theme of the dinner and show as this is a specialty entertainment restaurant with planning and fun filled activities throughout the night at every corner. You can bring the whole family, a date, or a group of friends for a unique and unforgettable experience in every aspect. Remember to come with a good appetite as we have an outstanding reputation for exceptional appetizers, dinners, and desserts time after time. You can also enjoy all of our food and entertainment for a very affordable price. We believe in being fair and offering a one of kind dining experience for you and your guests.

Dinners, Shows, And Specialty Events Are Offered

After many years of professional high class entertainment at its finest we have managed to increase the amount of events and private shows offered all throughout the year. We now offer 5 different kinds of scheduled shows and dinners. Now you can schedule Murder Mystery Dinners, Private Corporate Parties, Murder Mystery Weekends, New Years Eve Gala, and Valentines Day Gala. All of these terrific and unique events offer tremendous quality along with a specific and unforgettable experience guaranteed. At any time you can call and inquire about attending a dinner/show or scheduling a private event on a recognized day for a specific theme. We suggest picking a performance or event that suits your stye and time frame the best due tot the fact that we offer different events all throughout the year. Expect interaction between you and you party with staff members in the theme of the evening. You cant go wrong with any of the dates or events that you pick, they all offer equal entertainment in different ways and themes.

Exceptional Service And Quality Every Time

Dedication to excellent service and customer satisfaction has allowed us to grow and offer more and more events along with more dates and times available. We take pride on ensuring that all of our guests leave with a smile and are satisfied with an unforgettable experience dining and being entertained for the entirety of the evening. Expect us to work hard and accommodate you with great service from the time you walk in from the moment you leave. Don’t Miss our next show and Dallas dinner on June 13th at 7:30 pm at the Old Mill In. Be prepared for exceptional food and a fun filled night of adventure and laughter.

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