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What Is A Mystery?

A mystery is defined as something that is difficult or impossible to understand or explain. Another definition of the term is a novel, play or movie, dealing with a crime, especially a murder. In fact there’s an entire literary genre devoted to the mystery. A good mystery keeps you in suspense. You want to get to the last page of the book or the last scene of the movie to find out what happens next and solve the puzzle.


Elements of Mystery


What is it that makes a mystery so compelling? Every good mystery has a few key elements such as foreshadowing, or hints or clues of what’s to come. A mystery also requires a protagonist, or a main character who tries to solve the mystery, and an impressive list of suspects who may or may not have committed the crime.


Experience The Mystery In Real Time


But what if you didn’t have to read a book or see a movie to experience the thrill of solving a mystery? What if you could be right in the middle of a mystery while you’re having a delicious dinner with friends, family, co-workers or even a significant other? Well, now you can do just that when you attend a murder mystery dinner!


Where Do Murder Mystery Dinners Take Place?


The murder mystery dinners take place at restaurants like Maggiano’s and are the perfect gift for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries or even Valentine’s Day for that special mystery lover in your life. These events last about three hours and include a cocktail reception, salad course, main course, and of course dessert. And of course the evening includes a little murder and mayhem on the side! So, forget trick or treating this year for Halloween. Why not plan a spooky murder mystery dinner instead? After all, who doesn’t love a killer party right?


Why Attend A Murder Mystery Dinner?


San Antonio murder mystery dinner


Murder mystery dinners are a fun and interactive way to enjoy dinner with your family, friends, and loved ones. Murder mystery dinners can be a great team building exercise for corporate events and parties too!  From first dates and couples night to bachelorette parties and girls night out, they make a memorable evening.


How To Find Murder Mystery Dinners In Your Area


There’s no mystery when it comes to finding out where murder mystery dinners are being hosted in your area. Simply use the Internet and your favorite online search engine to unravel the mystery. For example if you’re located in San Antonio simply type San Antonio murder mystery dinner into your preferred search engine. Then follow the clues and you’re sure to have all the information that you need to plan a murder mystery dinner that your friends, family, co-workers or significant other will remember for years to come.  So make your next dinner party an event that all your guests will be dying to attend! The evening will be so much fun you’ll wonder why you didn’t plan it sooner. The only question is: How many of your guests will survive the evening to tell the tale? There’s only one way to find out!

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