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What You Can Expect From Murder Mystery Dinners

A lot of people enjoy going out and spending time doing something out of the ordinary. When it comes to finding a mystery you can solve, as well as having a delicious meal, murder mystery dinners fit the bill perfectly. Not only are they exciting, but it is more than just heading out for a night on the town to eat dinner and watch a movie. Youre actually a part of the scenes that are being acted in front of and all around you, which makes the excitement much more alive than it would be anywhere else.

Here is what you can expect if youre considering a murder mystery dinner for your next upcoming night out

Eat a Delicious Meal

When you arrive at the restaurant, they will provide you with information about the setting, theme and people that you will be introduced too. In addition to appetizers and cocktails, they provide a delicious dinner served in courses, throughout the evening’s mystery.


Really Look at the Audience

murder mystery

The way that these shows are performed is that they hide the characters within the audience and staff. While you might be focusing on one person, another person might actually be the murderer. This throws everyone off, but makes them interested. Additionally, everyone in the audienceis a part of the show, so you cannot skip over any of the people that are sitting down and eating, just like you, since you might be seated with the murderer that everyone is looking for. Keeping a watchful eye during the evening’s events can prove tricky, especially during this interactive dinner.

You Can Solve the Murder

They do not discriminate when it comes to who can and cannot solve the murder. Youre a part of the show that theyre putting on. A homicide detective will arrive after the first murder, and move the evening’s proceedings along. If you have an answer, make sure to let them know why you think it is this person. Prizes are awarded for the correct answer, as well as the funniest guess.

Excitement Awaits You

With a murder mystery dinner, excitement awaits you. Skip the movie, where youre not a part of the action ,and dont worry about taking the time to see a play. With a murder mystery, youre a part of the entire show that is put on around you. Never worry about letting loose, talking to the people that are also a part of the show and having a good time. Putting your sleuthing skills to work can be fun and rewarding. That is, after all, what you’re there for.

Signing up for a murder mystery dinner is exciting and fascinating. Have fun, eat a delicious meal and solve a mystery all within a night’s work out on the town.

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